• Defending interests of its members towards governmental bodies, governmental administration and other bodies and organisations,
  • Co-ordinating activities and process on collective negotiation,
  • Representing its members in collective negotiation with labour unions and in concluding collective agreements,
  • Unification of interests and removing discrepancies among the Union members,
  • Informing members about important knowledge regarding all field activities,
  • On making law and its amendments relating to members´ activities to assist to unify wording of regulations and objectives and to pursue through them essential rules of EU legislation,
  • To represent the members of the Union in relevant international organizations and to carry out its obligations resulting from this membership, 
  • Entering into relations and cooperation with similar institutions from abroad, to assist the Union members to obtain knowledge from abroad, to organise mutual consulting, excursions, educational staying and other forms of aid to improve the members´ activities,
  • Acting on behalf of the Union ´s members according to their decisions and needs.